Sunday, July 2, 2017


Parenting fail: Always check the forecast before hiking all the way to downtown Dallas for a zoo day.... it rained (okay, more like POURED) the entire time.  Thankfully, the boys were great sports about getting all wet! We ended up having a blast playing in the rain and seeing all of the animals close up (poor things were all trying to take shelter next to the windows).  And, there were NO CROWDS!  We have only been to the Dallas zoo once before when Tad was in town, but this time we discovered an entire new section!  Don't know how we missed the HUGE kids' zoo, splash pad and learning center before...

Highlights included the giant gorilla charging at us and running right up to the glass!  Yikes! Phil and Charlie thought it was awesome.  Trey loved the kids' area and getting to keep a real turtle bone from the fossil exhibits.  I liked the extra fiesty hippos and the cheetahs!

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