Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter and RSV

We've been busy around here!  We had a great Easter celebrating with good friends and food!  The boys loved all of the Easter festivities, especially dying eggs, egg hunts and the Easter bunny!

We even made it to the lake and spent an afternoon on "the beach."

The following week was spent at home.  Beau was taken to the dr and was diagnosed with RSV.  His O2 stats were really low and he almost got sent to the hospital.  Thankfully the nebulizer treatments worked quickly and he started to bounce back.  Sick babies are so pitiful!

Charlie riding big red:

Surfer dudes (wearing outfits from Unk and Aunt Kim's honeymoon in Hawaii)!  Beau has one too, but he was napping...

Beau was less than thrilled for his bean bag cuddle session with big bros:

Feeling better!

Go Texas Day pictures at preschool!

KINDER CAMP at Trey's new school!

Trey started tball and LOVES IT!   He especially loved being "Darth Vader" aka the catcher.  He also got a hit from a coachs' pitch!  Go Dodgers!

Shelley's 40th birthday party!  Celebrated with some of the neighborhood friends

We went over to one of Phils' co-workers houses.  He has a bunch of animals: turtles, parakeets, scorpion, tarantuala, snakes, dogs, cats, parots.... it was quite literally a zoo.

 After all of this sickness and a traveling hubby, this mama enjoyed some time with the girls! Cheers!

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