Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Beau at 9 months

I'm still having picture uploading problems on the blog, so for now it's just a boring word post.  :)

Stats:  Beau is growing in height (now 28.5" in 50th percentile) but has actually dropped weight percentiles from 6 to 9 months.  He is now 18 lbs 1 oz and only in the 17th percentile.   The doctor was concerned about his drop in weight, but attributed some to his recent illness.  He also was slightly anemic so we started back with some iron drops.  Who knew this little chunkster was going to be considered too skinny?!  He is still wearing size 12 month clothes, which is the same size he has been wearing since November! 

Sleeping:  I was fairly certain we were over the hump with sleep training.  He went 3+ weeks of sleeping through the night, but after the illness, he has had a major regression... he was up 3 times last night.... sigh... yawn...  He takes 1 long 2-3 hour nap morning and usually a very short car nap in the afternoon on the way to/from school and practices for his bros. 

Eating:  Again, another regression.  He is really fighting puréed foods (which I'm completely fine with).  I prefer moving to solids as quickly as possible.  Beau has been eating table food for a couple of months now but he can be a pretty finicky eater.  I was blessed with two really good eaters, so this is new territory for this veteran mom.  Beau is given a variety of foods but really has only liked/eaten a handful of them well.  He is still mostly playing with (and making a mess with) his food.  We are trying hard to increase his intake! 

Motor:  Rolling everywhere!  He also gets into crawl position and rocks back and forth.  It's coming!  He also likes to stand holding onto your hands.  The only thing he doesn't like is being set down and left.  He wants attention at all times. 

Play: He has the sweetest giggles and loves to be tickled, play peak-a-boo and clap his hands.  Everything goes in his mouth.  The big bros have renamed him "Mrs. Hahn" and have been calling him that for at least a month.  Looks like it stuck.  We asked Trey where that came from and he said, "my brain."  Lol.  Kids are funny!  If I call him Beau, Charlie is quick to correct me and say, "you mean Mrs. Hahn?."  Hope Beau, I mean Mrs. Hahn, doesn't mind. 

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