Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Birthday Boys!

Treyman turned 5 on November 22nd!  

He is such a sweet and tender-hearted little boy.  He loves to run and play outside (especially swinging and climbing trees).  He loves to swim. He loves all things sharks and superheroes.


Charlie turned 3 on November 29th!  Charlie is strong-willed and independent.  He can be challenging at times, but also has a very sweet heart.  He is definitely the comedian of the family and makes me laugh every day. Charlie loves to read and play dinasaurs, superheroes, TMNT or demolition.   Charlie has made great progress in recent months with following directions and being gentle.  While he still spends some time in time-out, it is with much less frequency and duration.  

During our Thanksgiving break in KY, we had a little party for them!  






















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