Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Baby Bowie

Since I skipped the 4 month update due to the move, thought I'd give a quick update on this handsome fella...

4 month sleep regression hit hard.  He was almost sleeping through the night, but now, he is waking up 3 + times per night.  And, I. AM. TIRED.  I usually can just give him a paci and re-swaddle him and he goes back down.  He is in his own room until about 1 am, then I usually get tired of going upstairs and just bring him down to our room.  The positive is the toddlers have been doing MUCH better about sleeping through the night in their own beds!!  Only once since we moved have i had to put Charlie back to his own bed in the middle of the night.... and, they haven't gotten me up before 6:30, which is a big win in my book!  

Back to Beau... he will start solids in a few weeks!  Looking forward to and dreading this milestone at the same time.  

We are still waiting for this chunk to start rolling.  Both of his brothers started around 4-5 months... he hasn't done it yet, but is trying. 

He is generally a very content and happy baby but does not like to be put down for long.  He loves to be held and adored. Can we say spoiled?! 

He loves baths!  He is getting very squirmy in his whale tub... reminds me of wrestling greased pigs at the Illinois State fair with my grandmom when we were young.  

Tummy time in short bursts is tolerated with no tears, but things can turn sour pretty quickly...












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