Monday, October 3, 2016

Big news and the Start of fall fun!

Time to make our big news social media official-  the Z's are headed to the lone star state!  Phil got a wonderful promotion and we are very proud of all of his accomplishments!  I am very excited to settle into our "forever home."  Phil's company is based out of Dallas, so most likely any more future "climbing of the corporate ladder" won't result in another move. 

With the upcoming move, we have been busier than normal... We are selling not one, but both of our houses!  We have finally tackled some minor house projects around here.  It's amazing how quickly that "honey-do" list disappears when you are trying to sell!  The only major thing left on our list is re-staining our deck.  We pressure washed last week but haven't been able to finish, as it has been too wet and rainy to stain.  

And, as if 3 kids, two large dogs, starting a new job and packing wasn't enough to keep us busy, I know have to keep everything "show ready."  Impossible, but I'm trying my best to keep things as clean as possible. Never a dull moment around here!

When we aren't cleaning/packing/organizing, the boys and I have been taking advantage of these lovely early fall days!


  1. Whose finger is on "Bowies" forehead on one of the pictures? Love those boys, getting bigger every day. Big going on for the Z family. Love to all, Dad

  2. Can't remember, but my guess is Charlie...