Monday, August 29, 2016

Flying solo

My mother-in-law left last Sunday so I flew solo with all three minions for the first time last week. It went surprisingly well, with the exception of "no-nap Tuesday."  I even managed to make it to preschool and soccer practice on time!  

Sunday, August 21, 2016

1 month!

This handsome fella...

Is 1 month old today!  Time is a-flyin'! 

Soccer Star

Treyman had his first soccer game on Saturday.  He was so psyched (and also a little clueless)!  Trey is on the green team (yay- his favorite color!).  His team is made up of all first time 4 year old players. Their opponents, however, were like mini professionals... Seriously, I think they were doping... And, they all looked like they were 7.  

There is no score keeper in his league, but they lost the game in a score of about 25 to 2....  Phil and I had some 90's flashbacks to the mighty ducks first meeting with the black hawks... Ha!  At least he had fun! 

We hope he gets the idea by the end of the season.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Unk and Aunt Kim come to town!

Here are some pics of Unk and Kim's visit to Nashville, as well as some they shared with me from their time at Virginia Beach the week following their wedding.  I was super pregnant and decided to skip the beach and do some much needed nesting/cleaning/kid-free relaxing at home instead.  

Kim and Beau:


Canoeing down the Harpeth 

Ice cream!

MeMa love:

Virginia Beach (July):