Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summertime Swimmin'

These boys love them some pool time!  It is hands down their favorite summertime pastime, which is great for this preggo because anything non-water related is just way too freakin' hot.

We created our own pool with a slide.  Nothing fancy but it has been a huge hit so far.... And the portion of type A personality in me is happy that no grass gets in the water since it is on the deck! 

Charlie and Graham:

Jude and Graham:


Treyman started swim lessons yesterday and really, really loved it.  It was basically 45 minutes of 1:1 instruction.  He floated on his back, streamlined kicked underwater for about 15 ft independently, drove to the bottom to retrieve water toys, and even took a few freestyle strokes to the wall!  Not too shabby for day 1!  Apparently, 90% of the kids in his class are/will be able to swim after the 2 week program.  

The big pool:

The instructional pool:

Trey has already asked me when he can join the swim team and my heart almost burst with excitement!  I always hoped my kids would want to swim, although I will try not to pressure them into it. :)

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