Monday, June 27, 2016

Father's Day and random pics

End of pregnancy fatigue has set in big time.  Sorry for lack of updates. I'm so so exhausted and not able to sleep much at night due to back pain, headaches, itchiness and the constant need to pee... The many joys of pregnancy...But, we have our Csection date (July 21st), so we are down to 25 days (or less!).  I was also cleared to travel for my Brother-in-law's wedding and the boys and I are so excited!

Father's Day 2016.  Dinner and dirt park with daddy! 

Pool/splash pad:

Petting zoo:

Opryland hotel:

Puzzles from MeMa and Papa:

Free indoor playgrounds are awesome!

Farmer's Market and concert in the park:

Jackson's birthday party:

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