Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Fun

34 week bump!  I Self timered a pregnancy selfie with my new camera: 

Of course, the boys then wanted one, too:

Anyways, pregnancy is moving right along-  about 5-6 weeks to go!  My doctor is going to schedule my c-section at my next appointment! The end is near!!

Last weekend, Phil and I ventured to downtown Nashville for a rare night out with some of my friends, Ericka and Shailia, and their hubbies, Brady and Brandon.  

We tried out an Escape room!  So fun!  And, for the record, we are part of the 30% that did escape.  ;)  Then we hit up a famous Nashville eatery for dinner and drinks... And mocktails for me.  

Treyman finished his first week of swim lessons and has really made some progress!  One more week to go!

Charlie also loves the pool, but hasn't started swim lessons yet.  He just hangs with me on the terrace until Trey is done. It can be challenging trying to entertain him, but we manage. 

The boys have been enjoying some evening pool/play time with dad:

And, here's a random cute pic of my 2 youngest nieces!  They are so sweet!

Our oldest niece, Avery, will be graduating from high school this week! She was 5 when I met her... Crazy how time flies!  And, a big congrats to the new grad!  Wish we could be there to celebrate with you! 

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