Monday, May 2, 2016

28 weeks

Welcome to 3rd trimester!  

Nesting is in full swing.  I've been organizing junk drawers and cleaning out closets all week! 

I survived an exhausting week solo with the boys while Phil was in Florida (for work, and play).  

Phil's hotel was nominated for 3 awards, and won the revenue management award!  We are very proud of all of his hard work and success. 

While he was away, I had my 28 wk Doctor appointment, where I started seeing the "high risk specialist" due to my double uterus.  I had to do this with Charlie, too.  She said I am measuring a little large, but everything else looked good. I am still at risk for premature labor, however, the risk is lower because I have carried two to full term already.  

Here are the boys in the waiting room:

Charlie and I went on a hike while Trey was at school... This kid loves adventure!


On Thursday, Trey had his spring music concert!  It was so cute!  I have video, but, of course it is not uploading now...

Charlie has been boycotting naps recently.  He is very hard to get down now that he climbs out of his crib.  Charlie is always a wild man, but without nap, he is a wild, cranky man.  After 2 nap-less days in a row, Charlie requested Mac-n-cheese (at 10:30 am), then immediately passed out on the floor where he stayed for 3 hours...  Guess it finally caught up to him.


We also checked out Dragon Park in Nashville!  It was a big hit!

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