Tuesday, April 5, 2016

24 weeks

I had my 24 week Dr.  Appointment last week-  everything looked good and I passed the dreaded glucose test!  Very thankful not to have gestational diabetes!  I also got cleared to fly in April for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower and in May for my BFF's bachelorette party.  

The boys new furniture will be here this week, so I plan on having Phil start putting it all together this weekend!  Yay!  Maybe after that they will get out of MY bed...

Trey started tumbling class and LOVES it!  His class is very small (just 2 others), so he gets a lot of personal instruction.  Great beginner program for him!

Charlie is too cool for school with his new shades.  And, he finally figured out how to put them on right-side up:

Play date with Jude and Graham.  The dirt pile was a big hit.  Obviously. 

Lochte also enjoyed spending time with our playmates:

Speaking of the dogs-  both are now cone and stitch free.  They have been back to normal-  getting along and playing without further incident.  Hopefully this was an isolated incident that we will not have to deal with in the future.  I think she learned her lesson...

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