Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Egg Hunt

Not sure why, but we have had a couple of night time visitors in our bed.  Now that Charlie is getting out of his crib, he just crawls out and comes into our room wanting to get "nice and cozy."  I used to put him back, but he just keeps coming in... Trey has been waking up super early and coming in around 5.... Toddler sleeping regressions are no joke.

I think Trey is fully ready to get rid of his nap, but I am dreading this!  It's so nice to have a little peace and quiet during the day.  I still make him do "quiet time," but it is usually not very quiet for very long...

Trey's class had an Easter egg hunt today!  Charlie and I volunteered to hide eggs, so Charlie was able to hunt as well.  They had a blast! 

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