Wednesday, December 23, 2015

We are alive!

December has been a crazy busy month for us.  I have been a very bad blogger.  Appologies.

Trey and Charlie had their annual physicals earlier this month.  I always look forward to seeing how much they've grown! 

At 4, Trey's stats are:  height: 41.5" (75th percentile), weight: 36.7 lbs. (50th percentile)

He is such a sweet natured, cuddly, loving little boy.   A people pleaser, rule follower.  He is very active and can be found bouncing on, climbing on, or jumping off of any piece of furniture we own.  He loves to swim.  He loves preschool and is learning how to spell an write his name.  He is super social and friendly, always waving and greeting everyone we pass.  He is a great big brother, even though Charlie makes it difficult at times.   Trey always tells him, "be nice or go to time out, baby!"

Trey loves to go to the zoo and is always excited to see the tigers and alligators.  They are his favorites. 

Favorite shows include: Curious George, jake and the never land pirates, paw patrol.  Favorite movies include:  toy story, Ice Age.  

Charlie's stats at 2 are: height: 37.5" (100th + percentile), weight: 30.9 lbs (80th percentile) and head circumference: 19.6 (80th percentile).  His length to weight ratio puts him on the lean side and our doctor said it wouldn't hurt him to bulk up a little.  Are you kidding me?!  He's huge! 

Charlie is my wild child.  He tests limits, pushes boundaries, and has no fear.  He loves to build and explore.  Loves cars and dinosaurs.... And anything that Trey is playing with.  Although it's improving, he still has a red hot temper and spends a substantial amount of time in time-out.  On the plus side, he has become an expert apologizer-  he gives giant hugs and kisses and has started saying, "I'm sorry for....".  At least he knows when he is rotten.  :). He also has a very funny temperament.  He loves to make people laugh and is really quite good at it.  He can be very affectionate on his terms.  He loves it when I say things like, "you better not give me a kiss. Mommy hates kisses."  He of course then runs full force and covers me with sweet smooches.

Favorite Charlie quotes:  "is mommy happy?  Is daddy happy?  Is trey happy? Is phelps happy?"  You get it... He goes through everyone multiple times a day.

When riding in the car, he does not like to stop!  He yells, "let's move, mommy!".   He also says, "thank you, green light!" To all of the green lights we pass. 

Trey often yells "to infinity..." And Charlie finishes with "and ye-yond!"  This is my favorite!  It's so cute! 

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