Saturday, November 21, 2015

Police Station Field Trip

Charlie and I had a fun play date this week!  We went downtown to the police station for a tour and got to cruise around the parking lot in a patrol car.  Charlie loved it!  He was super still and attentive during their presentation, which is highly unlike him.  ;)

I was sad Trey was at school and had to miss this, he often pretends like he is a policeman and trys to capture the "bad guys" (aka Charlie).  You can imagine how well that turns out....

Speaking of Trey- Tomorrow is Treyman's 4th birthday!  What?! Expect a long, sappy post about this soon... 

And, I got to co-teach my first class at the Y today.  It was nerve racking, but a relief to now have my first one over with!

FYI- Taking a good selfie is an art, and apparently, I'm a beginner.  At least my new y tank made me look very official.  

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