Monday, November 16, 2015


Sorry to my loyal readers (AKA Mom and Dad) for the lack of recent posts.  It is certainly not for lack of things to post about.... just a lack of time.

November 2nd, Phil and I celebrated year 7 of marriage!  Can't believe it was that long ago!

November 11th, we celebrated Phil's birthday. 

Novemeber 13th, Phil's parents came to town for a brief visit.  I took MeMa and the boys to the zoo on Friday morning and Friday night I was off to AL for my Les Mills training!

It was a brutal weekend for me.  LONG days of lots of exercise and lots of studying.  I felt like I was back in college (minus the parties).  But, I did pass phase one of the training.  I have 60 days to complete the next phase and then I will be fully certified to teach Body Attack in any Les Mills certified facility.

While I was away, the boys had fun with Dad and the Z grandparents.... birthday cake, park, bonfire, eagles tailgate/game, etc.

I would add some pictures but I dropped my phone today and it may have been the final blow.  My screen is on it's last leg.  So, hopefully I can fix my phone and get caught up on pictures soon.

Treyman has a Thanksgiving feast tomorrow at school and his class is dressing up like pilgrims.  I'm excited to see all that cuteness!

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