Monday, September 21, 2015

Last week

Unfortunately, Charlie ended up getting the rash, too.  His was not on his hands and feet, it was in a much more delicate spot... Poor guy.  Thankfully, everyone is healthy again and out of quarantine. 

got stung by a wasp this morning and it Hurt!  I felt like such a wuss.  Treyman was a hilarious caregiver and said, "it's okay, mama.  Shake it off.  Be a big boy."  Hahah

Treyman is currently obsessed with batman and toy story, although he has never seen either.  At least he's leaning about something at preschool...

My parents watched the boys overnight and Phil and I flew to Chicago on Tuesday to meet one of our couple BFF's, Ben and Kerri, for an AC/DC concert.  Not being a huge "rock" person, I was surprised at how many songs I knew (and loved).  Such a fun show!  

On Saturday we want to our first Chuckie Cheese birthday party.  It was only our 2nd time there ever (and first for Charlie). They boys went crazy!  Charlie is my little thrill seeker- he could not get enough of the rides.  Trey was a little hesitant at first, but warmed up pretty quickly and I had to drag him outta there at the end. 

Sunday we watched the Eagles game.  Well, not much of a game... They lost horribly.  Charlie had to put on head phones to protect his ears from all of the screaming.  

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