Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our week

We have had a busy week, which has ended with two sick boys and a very tired mama. 

The evenings have been much cooler so we have been going on walks to the park and the construction site by our house after dinner/baths.  Trey has been working on his bike riding skills, but still needs a lot of help...

On Wednesday, we had a zoo play date with Trey's Nashville BFF's, Griffin and Tucker.  The boys had a blast!  Ericka, baby Reese, and I enjoyed some girl time while our boys ran amuck in the playground after seeing the animals.

Thursday, Trey went to school and we had an under 2 play date with two of Charlie's buds, Bradyen and Blaze.  Trey is still loving school.  The pic below happened at 7 am-  he came out of his room ready for school!  Too bad we don't leave until 8:30...

Friday, we had a pool play date with the MOMS club.

This morning we went swimming at the Y with Daddy!

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