Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gulf Shores Recap: Day 4

Are you sick of vacation posts yet??  I hope not because you still have a couple more coming your way!

Trey, Phil and Judd woke up early and went on a charter fishing trip!  It was 4 hrs, so it was a little long at the end for Trey, but they said he LOVED it the first 3+ hrs.  They caught lots of fish (mostly catfish, ladyfish, and a puffer fish), but no keepers.  Trey is already telling some of daddy's fish tales-  he told me he caught a swordfish "THIS BIG" with arms fully extended.  :)

The rest of us did more pool/beach in the morning.  Charlie has not been much of a beach guy.... he prefers the pool, so that is where we spent most of our morning.  He can't get enough of the giant slide.  As we are flying down it, he is signing "more, more, more."  He also loves to be thrown high in the air.  He starts counting to three as soon as you catch him!

After naps, we went for an early, casual dinner followed by family photos at the beach!  It went better than expected for everyone... except for Charlie.  He was over it.  But, hopefully, we got a few good ones of all of us!  The professional ones will not be in for a couple of weeks, so hopefully I will remember to post them when they do!

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