Friday, June 5, 2015

Beginning of June updates

Well, June has started off busy for us!   Our friend (and Phil's boss), Ben, stayed with us on Tues and we had another co-worker over for dinner!  We had a blast catching up around our new backyard fire pit!

Treyman started swim lessons this week.  I was worried it would be a repeat of last year, where he cried through the entire lesson during every session and then he barely got in the pool the remainder of summer (including vacation).  It was traumating for him and me.  Phil and I are definitely "water people," and we really hoped our kids enjoy it, too.  I'm not sure if it was his age or what, but this year he is doing soooo much better!  Even though he is one of the youngest in his class, he is rockin' his lessons!  He is usually the first one to volunteer to do the new skill first.  However, During his first lesson, when it was time to go under, he got really scared and cried... A lot... 

When we got home, we watched some YouTube videos of other kids going under, which helped.  He also said he needed some "magic goggles" to help him swim under water.  We found some at tj maxx and the rest is history!  This guy was swimming with his face under water!  Just like that!  He says, "you are really proud of me for being so brave!".  And, I am!  

 Charlie has turned a corner and is turning into the sweetest little cuttlebug! He still has plenty of aggressive moments, but they are getting fewer and further in between and his nice moments are very cute.  He crawls into my lap, gives me a kiss and says, "wu-du."  (Love you).  He is also very polite-  using "please" and "thank you" very appropriately and spontaneously!  

He is such a mini me and does everything that Trey does!  He is also such a daddy's boy!  When Phil walks in at night, Charlie runs to him yelling, Daddy's home!  Daddy's home!!"  It is very sweet. 

Anyways, here are some June pics so far-  

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