Tuesday, June 16, 2015

18 month update

Ok so I'm a little late with his 18 month updates.  2nd child... What can I say?  Everything is belated! 

We went to the doctor yrsterday and got Charlie caught up on shots.  

His stats:  height: 35.5 inches (off the charts-  above 100th percentile), weight: 28 lb, 4 oz.  (95th percentile), head circumference: 19.5".  (85th percentile).  

Charlie can be a handful, but he really knows how to work a room.  He was waving to everyone in the waiting room, blowing kisses to the nurses and cheesing to the doctor... Until the shots, obviously.  The doctor called him "Mr. Personality."  A well-suited nickname. 

Charlie is so adventurous and brave.  He really tests the limits and has little fear of anything.  He is emotionally volital and sometimes has a hot temper.  He wants what he wants when he wants it!!  And screams bloody murder when he doesn't get it.

Charlie can also be very loving and affectionate. He loves giving bear hugs and kissing my and Treys' boo-boos (mostly injuries that he inflicted). He belly laughs at Trey at least 5 times a day.  He loves the slide, bubbles, and chasing Trey/being chased around the house.

We can't pass a dog without stopping to pet it.  He gives Phelps and Lochte many hugs and kisses all day.  He has finally mastered "gentle," which both dogs appreciate!  

He is really into books right now.  He loves to cuddle up and read although he ALWAYS picks the same one (Brown Bear, Brown Bear).  And, he does not
Like to share my lap with Trey.  Stories almost always end badly...

He loves playing with the hose and sprinklers.  He doesn't always like to swim with mom in the pool, but he loves to Splash around in the shallow waters.

He has many words-  ball, more, please, thank you, hi, bye, shoes, pee-pee, poo-poo, night-night, towel, pool, googles, eat, horsey... He is starting to learn body parts but is not consistently using the correct names yet.  

When Charlie has done something sneaky, he smiles really sweetly and cocks his head to one side.   When he has done something bad, he tilts his head down, looks up at me, frowns and shakes his head "no."  

He seriously cracks me up and makes me want to pull out my hair multiple times a day.  And he always keeps me on my toes!!

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