Sunday, March 29, 2015

Showers, sickness and spring

Shower:  I have met so many wonderful ladies through the moms' club.  I'm so happy I joined!  A few of us threw a small surprise  shower for a fellow mom, Ericka, who is expecting her 3rd (1st girl) this summer!  It was so fun to buy some pink, ruffley clothes, girl talk and pig out on sweats!  


She was so surprised! 

Sickness:  My parents came for a quick visit last weekend.  We had fun at the park, going on a walk to the river, driving around Bellevue, watching our CATS in some March madness, and having Sunday brunch at the Nashville hotspot Cafe Loveless.  Phil and I even squeezed in a sushi and drinks date night! 


However, a few hours after they left I came down with a terrible stomach bug and spent the next 4 days on the bathroom floor.   Thankfully, no one else caught it.  But, man, was I sick!  I also had a fever and couldn't stand without getting insanely dizzy, so it was a BLAST trying to take care of my toddlers... 

I was also bummed that my sickness caused us to cancel our in home play date, as well the grocery store tour AND the zoo trip.  There's always next time, right?! 

Spring:  I'm so happy to see trees blooming and flowers budding!  Even if it means my allergies are going crazy.  

Here are a few pics of the tree on the side of our house:  

So pretty!  Love the changing seasons! 

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