Monday, March 2, 2015

Potty Training, Preschools & the Gym

Well!  It's done.  The dreaded potty training that has quite literally been happening for over a year is finally complete.  

We were close a few times, but with all of the transitions, moves and changes we had several regressions causing us to switch back into diapers.   

Well, no more diapers!  He's even in underpants overnight!!  Huge win! 

In other news, Trey was accepted to our first choice preschool!  He will be attending Harpeth Heights Preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting this August.  Btw- Who knew getting into school would be so cut-throat?  I'm very glad we were at registration early as all of the schools apparently filled up very quickly! 

And, we also joined a gym!  We tried out the daycare for the first time today.  I logged a whole 24 minutes on the treadmill before the workers tracked me down.  "Excuse me, Mrs. Z, but both of your children have been crying hysterically since you left.  The other kids have started to complain.  And, man, that litttle one has some lungs."  Yes, that is a pretty close direct quote.  And, yes, this is totally what I expected to happen.  Both of my boys are a little attatched.  I have never left them outside of family/nanny, so I get it. Scary. But 24 minutes?  C'mon boys!  Get it together!

Looks like we will try gym daycare again tomorrow.  Consistency is key for establishing new routines... Or so I'm told.  Plus, it will be good seperation practice for preschool for Treyman.


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