Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hello, Spring!  We are so happy to see you and those beautiful 70 degree days!  The boys and I have definitely been taking advantage of outside play weather! 

We have settled into a nice little morning routine.  After breakfast we head over to the Y and then off to a play date.  

Trey has been awesome at the Y.  He absolutely loves playing with the other kids and now runs in yelling, "bye, mom!  Have fun exercising!." And then there's Charlie... 

Charlie is currently in the biting, hitting, head banging phase. And, he is quite the bully.  We have started calling him "bruiser" and "bulldozer."

For example, we were playing nicely at the library when all of the sudden Charlie approaches a 3-4 year old boy sitting at the toddler computers.  The boy just looks at Charlie and says, "no!."  Charlie immediately responded by punching the kid and then knocking him out of his chair.   Let's just say that was the end of story time...

Well, today, Charlie got his first "warning" at the gym.  When I picked them up he was sitting in the isolation corner.  Apparently, he had gone through the playroom, the toddler room and the baby room biting & hitting kids in each room.  Today, he had 7 victims.  All in tears. Two more warnings and Charlie is getting the boot.   

Seriously, how can this cutie be so evil?! 

St. Patty's day fun

Charlie on the swing = Pure joy 


A local gymnastics center had open play hours today, so we tried it out.  Treyman loved it soo much.  I wish I could have taken a few more/better pics, but I was very busy chasing two little boys around. 

Treyman loved: the long running trampoline, the rope swing, and jumping from the highest platform into the giant pit of foam blocks.   

Charlie loved:  going up and down the stairs 200x, taking a drink from the water fountain, climbing on anything he could reach, taking all the kids shoes out of the cubbies, stealing snacks from peoples' unattended diaper bags, and chasing the big kids. 

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