Thursday, December 18, 2014

Home Improvement Projects

It's amazing how a little paint can transform a room.  Here is our guest bath in the basement.  I painted the walls, the vanity, and spray painted the previous crome hardware to a brushed nickel.  I also took down the mirror and installed a new light fixture and new mirror!   Pretty good update for around $100!  (I already owned the paint). I still need to get some decorative things/art and shelving for above the toilet, but for now it's good...







We are also doing another little project... Adding a 4th bedroom!  While I take credit for the bathroom, this one has been 98% Phil.  He took out carpeting, moved a vent, built the wood frame, added insulation and put up the drywall practically by himself. I was there for standby-  hold this, move that, spacle this.  He couldn't have done it without me. Pretty sure I nailed it.  

I have put in my fair share of spackling and sanding.  Oh holy sanding!  It's a never ending job.  That's my 2%.  

Here are some pics of our progress:

Now, if you're wondering what those cabinets are doing, let me explain.  I am full of fabulous ideas... My current fabulous idea (as if we weren't doing enough...) was to add built in bookshelves on the outer wall of the guest bedroom.  Thankfully, Phil was on board with this suggestion and didn't put up too much of a fight.  ;)

Here is my inspiration: 
Instead of the navy backing, we decided to use beadboard planking like seen below.  I like that it provides a little texture without being too in your face. 

I think I'm going to stick with the two tone look in the first (white wood, dark stained wood countertop and dark hardware).  I'm so excited! 

I'm also excited about the doors to the guest bedroom. We've opted to do sliding barn doors.  It's super trendy right now, which I usually try to avoid-  stick with the classics... But I think it will look beautiful. 

Here are some examples: 

Now the tough question:  white or wood?  I can't make up my mind!  So many choices for this indecisive lady!  Would love to hear your input.  

Stay tuned for more updates :)

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