Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MeMa, Papa, and "Auntie" Meg

Phil's parents came to town for a November celebration.  November has turned out to be a big month for our family. We celebrated our anniversary (6 years already?!), a (so far, so good) football season, and had an early Z boy bday party (ages 1, 3, and 31).  

          Our Eagles tailgate party

Cheers to 6 years!  Sushi and Champagne!

         Planting bulbs with MeMa

MeMa worked hard on the boys' blue choo-choo cake :) 

First taste of cake... I think he approved. 

                Yay, cake!!!
      Walking around our neighborhood
       Aunt Megan came to visit, too!!
         Blowin' bubbles with MeMa

     Brunch at the famous Loveless Cafe

   Girls' night at Grand Ole Opry!

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