Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My {almost} Threenager

I can not believe Treyman is almost 3!  He is so much fun these days and getting more independent by the second.  I've heard 3 is worse than 2... his "terrible two's" weren't really bad, except for a couple of months this summer, which I blame mainly from all of the transitions with the move, the never-ending illness and being away from Phil. June and July were especially rough.

Thankfully, we are getting settled and Treyman has resumed his sweet, spunky self.  He is so funny. Here's a random story that Phil and I really enjoy--  We were shopping, both boys in the cart at Publix, waiting patiently in a very long line (only 2 lines open with about 5 people behind us).  A new line opened up and the lady behind me was basically pushing us out of the way to beat us there, and Trey yells (very loudly), "Hey! Watch where you goin', LADY!"  It got a great reaction from everyone (except the lady!).

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