Sunday, June 1, 2014

Treyman at 2.5

I know people say that you see the most changes in the first year... Physically, I guess I agree.  Babies go from a lump to a (kind of) walking, talking person.  It's pretty incredible, really.  But, I have to say, in the past 6 months, Trey has BLOWN me away with his development.  Not just physically, but cognitively.  He is so communicative now.  I can have full on conversations with him.  He problem solves, requests things w/ full sentences, answers questions and tells stories when looking at books or watching a familiar movie.  He can even sing the whole "Fly, Eagles, Fly" anthem.  Phil is one proud papa!

This next part is mostly for me, but I wanted to share some of the cute things Trey says/does:

1. He wakes up and says, "Helloooo is anybody home? I'm up!" Followed quickly by, "Daddy, Mommy, waaaaake uuuup!"

2.  We were working on big/little, boy/girl and had a funny conversation... Trey points to Charlie and said, "Charlie's boy."  I replied, "Yes, he's a little boy.  You are a big boy."  He looks at me and asks, "Mama boy?"  I replied, "No, Mama's a girl."  He sits there for a second and responds, "BIIIIIG girl."  Ha! It was too cute to be offended.  Although, for the record, he later saw Courtney Cox on tv on Friends re-run and said, "Mommy's on tv!"  That was so much nicer to hear ;)

3. He loves his sword and shield and will chase the dogs around saying "All for one, and one for all!"  Phelps is completely terrified by the sword... and Lochte is clueless.  He also loves to take his sword and look for "bad guys" and "scary monsters." 

4. He loves his brother soo much.  If  Charlie is laying down on a blanket, Trey will lay next to him and say "Aww, Charlie's sooo cute!" or "Baby Charlie loves me" or "Charlie's happy." When Charlie is laughing he says, "Charlie's laughing. Trey's funny!"

5. Trey has been potty training. He is super aware of diapers and underpants and likes to point out when other kids have "stinky diapers."  He also saw a little boy getting changed at the park and ran up to him, points at his bottom and said, "Clean your tukus!" 

6.  "Me do it!  Me do it!  Trey's turn!"  I hear this phrase about 300 times a day...

7.  Trey is a little social butterfly.  He walks up to random kids and says, "Hi! I'm Trey!"  Of course, most of them either run away, scream or don't understand him.  But that's okay, at least he's friendly!

8.  When he eats something he really likes, he says "ummmm, delicious!"

Trey really loves to swim.  This is probably his favorite activity of the moment.  We have signed him up for swim lessons that will be starting June 9th and I can't wait! 

He enjoys chasing birds, catching lizards, blowing bubbles, reading books, swinging, running at the beach, driving the car... and watching movies.  Favorite movies include: Findidng Nemo, Mickey Musketeers, and the Land Before Time.  Favorite tv show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We are pretty strick limiting his tv time to about an hr/day, although he ALWAYS asks for more.   


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