Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Charlie at .5

Charlie had his 6 month dr appt!!  6 months already? How did that happen so quickly?

Stats: 19 lb. 6 oz (85%), 28" (76%), head circumference 17.5" (50%)

Schedule:  Charlie is not as good of a sleeper as his brother was at this age... He is still waking up at least once/night... Although most nights it's 2-3x... Charlie goes to bed at 730 and sleeps until 2-3 am.  Wakes for a feeding and then sleeps again til 5, and then 730.  He's up from 730-10, then usually takes a short nap, gets solids and plays until his long afternoon nap around 1:30.  His pm nap can range from 1-3 hrs... If it's short, he goes down again for a late afternoon nap around 430-5... If he takes a long nap he is up until bed. Charlie eats dinner around 6 and then goes straight to the tub and bed at 730. 

Eating:  Charlie still drinks milk primarily, but gets solids twice a day.  We are doing traditional purées with some soft solid finger foods mixed in.  Charlie has pretty much tried all the veggies, as well as chunks of avocado, banana, berries. Charlie grabs a spoon and takes it right to his mouth!  And he gets angry if you aren't assisting fast enough!  This boy likes his food. 

Play: Charlie is super vocal and is currently into squealing very loudly.  He is starting to sit independently, although a little unsteady. His favorite things are: watching his big brother (Charlie constantly laughs/smiles/watches Trey) and taking a bath.  This man is a real maniac in the tub!  :) 

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