Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day fun

We have had a great long weekend!  

My MIL and "Aunt" Elaine arrived on Friday for a visit. 

Friday night Phil and I took advantage of babysitters and met our friends for dinner/drinks down at the beach.  I'm so sad to leave these guys!!  

Saturday, we hung out at the pool, played around the house and took the boat out after dinner!  

Sunday, was HOT, HOT, HOT!  And humid.  I guess summer has arrived!  We spent the warmest part of the day outside.  Dan/Joey josted a party on the docks/pool at 4 and I was dripping with sweat!  Otherwise, we had a blast!  We played games, had water balloon toss and a scavenger hunt.  Trey had a great time playing with his friends: Beckett, Brody, Aleena, and Sloyne.  Charlie was hamming it up for everyone else.  

Monday was my birthday!  Am I really 31?? That just sounds old!  Phil took me out to a sushi dinner and then the mall!   

And, my long weekend was an extra day longer because I don't work on Tues!  We stopped by Phil's hotel to say hello... Or goodbye, I guess!  Then we went to a park and had a picnic in our backyard! 

Hope you had a great weekend too!  

Monday, May 26, 2014

ZOO w/ the Cuties

The Clearwater Cuties (Mom's Group), had play date at the zoo to check out the special sea lion exhibit.  Loved spending the day w/ these cuties!!


Thursday, May 22, 2014


We are counting down the days until Phil leaves.  Hopefully, I can sell the house quickly and join Phil in Nashville in 1-2 months!  That's a looong time to "single parent" two boys and two dogs!! 

In the mean time, we are enjoying the beach... while we still can!

Monday, May 19, 2014

So Long Sunshine State!

Yes, you read correctly. The Z fam will be leaving sunny Florida and headed to the Mecca of Country Music.
This is a major (and very unexpected) change, but Phil was offered a new job that he just couldn't pass up. It is such an amazing promotion/opportunity for him, we are so proud of him and excited to see what Nashville has in store for us!  

As a country music and BBQ lover, I think I will enjoy most of what Nashville has to offer.  I know several people who have lived there and have given it good reviews.  It is also 3 hours away from my parents' house in KY, which helps knowing that we will be closer to family.

Exciting as this new adventure will be, I have to admit that I am also incredibly sad at the same time...

Sad to leave our home state of the last 7 years... the state where we got engaged, married, bought our first house, welcomed two fur babies and two real babies into our family....

Sad to leave the beach and warm weather, for obvious reasons.

Sad to leave my new dream job & co-workers (who I absolutely adore).

Sad to leave our nanny, Carolyn, who loves our boys like they were her own (and who has been crying nonstop since I broke the news earlier this week)...

But, mostly, sad to leave our group of amazing friends- the many, many people who have made our time in Florida so enjoyable... especially our closest friends: Dan, Joey, Erica, Steve, Kelly, Eric, and Jessie... as well as those who have already left FL... Ben, Kerri, Pat, Leanne and Bret.... and new "mom" friends, Mystye, Sandra, Amber and Katie... too many other to name. These people have become our family, and it breaks my heart that we won't get to see them anytime we want...