Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4 month updates (a few days late)

Sweet, happy Charlie is 4 months old! 

Stats: He had his checkup (and shots) today at his 4 month well visit.  Big boy checked in at: 17 lb. 3 oz. (95%), 26.5" (95%), and head circumference 16.5" (60%).  He wears 6-9 month clothes and is in size 3 diapers.

Schedule:  Thankfully, Charlie has finally started to stretch out that night feeding.  He goes to bed between 7:30-8 and usually sleeps until 3.  Then he eats again 7ish and every 4 hrs after.  He naps short, sweet, often.  He usually takes 4/day.  I can usually get him down for a long 1.5 hr nap around 1.  It doesn't always happen, but I love having a few minutes of quiet before the after nap chaos ensues!  He also takes a late afternoon nap around 4:30-5:00 that is sometimes power nap, sometimes another long one.

Sleep:  Charlie is a good sleeper.  He is in his crib 99% of the nights and for pm naps.  During the morning, he sleeps pretty well in his car seat as we are almost always out and about with big brother.  

Eating:  I'm looking forward to starting solids in the next couple of months. The doctor wants to wait until 5 months.  And, Charlie is pretty content with the milk situation.  He is always soooo happy, talkative and smiley after eating.  He takes 3-5 oz. a feeding, but has been known to down a couple 7-8 oz bottles a week at the nanny's.  I'm still pumping, but finding it increasingly difficult to keep up.  We've starting supplementing his bedtime feeding (2 oz pumped milk, 2 oz formula) + then bf if he's still hungry.  This gives me a break and allows Phil a chance to bond with him, too.  I never really had to supplement w/ Trey, so this is a new thing for us... 

Play: Charlie is a rolling maniac.  Goodbye days of stationary baby. He is on the move!  This kid is unbelievably happy as long as someone is talking to him.  He will "talk" to you for hours.  He loves to be tickled, a good game of peak-a-boo and getting a fresh diaper ("clean tukus" as Trey likes to say). He sits in the bumbo and jumps in the jumperoo.  Baths are still a favorite time, although he's started to lunge forward and actually went face first into water once.  We were right there to pick him up, but he (and we) got pretty startled.  He would like to play with his toys, but rarely gets the chance before big brother takes them away (sharing is hard). 

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