Saturday, March 1, 2014

Charlie in Charge

Today was another zoo day.  Having an annual pass allows us to go for a little bit to get out of the house, but doesn't commit us to spend the whole day there (like I would if we paid full admission price).  Sometimes we go see all the animals, other times we just pick a section of the zoo and play.  Today, Trey was into the  "Florida" and "Africa" animals and we actually did the jeep safari ride for the 1st time!  He loved it!  We also spent a good amount of time playing with the river otters...

Trey identifying the animals on his shirt

Zoo themed apparel- Matching Animal Shirts, which they BOTH have almost outgrown!  Trey is a 2T and Charlie is a 3-6 month outfit!

Yes, Charlie is in charge

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