Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bounce House Fun

Rainy days and toddlers don't mix.  Treyman has some serious energy to burn and if I don't get him outside to do something active, he is a WILD CHILD at home. Totally destructive. Whiney. Makes messes faster than I can clean them type of WILD man....

Thankfully, we have the Bounce House right around the corner from us.  They have "open play" from 1-7pm.  We've gone twice- we were the only ones the first time and this time there were just a couple other kids when we got there, but they left soon after.  Treyman LOVES it. And, because we've been the only ones there, I've been allowed to "assist" him on all of the slides and things. So. Much. Fun.  I feel like a kid again.  If this is life with boys, bring it on!



Where was Charlie during this 2 hour outing?  Asleep, in the stroller.  We've got a good baby!

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