Thursday, March 27, 2014

A non baby post.

We have officially decided to put our house on the market on April 1st.  I realize that we are totally crazy.  Getting a house "show ready" with a toddler, newborn and 2 large dogs ain't gonna be easy.... We have rented a storage unit to clear out some stuff to make it a little easier to clean up, but still a little daunting to think about.

Coming to the decision to sell wasn't easy. It's a little bittersweet saying goodbye to our 1st house, but we are definitly ready for bigger and better things (literally).  While we love our little house, it is just that- little.  Between two kids, two dogs, my husband's 2,000 tshirts and the 100,000 baby toys, swings, rockers, bouncers, etc., we have run out of room. 

It is a lovely house and would be perfect for a small family, young couple, snowbirds or anyone wanting to enjoy the "Florida lifestyle," as it is on a canal with access to Tampa Bay!  Easy access to airport, downtown and the beach! Please comment below if you would like information for our listing.

We have gotten a little ahead of ourselves (as we have been known to do) and have already started the fun part- the house hunt!  We've seen three properties so far and I am in love with one.  Naturally, it is NOT the one Phil is in love with.  

In "my" house, I love everything but the kitchen is TERRIBLE, but it's just under our budget so I think we could swing some upgrades.... And yes, I have it all planned out in my head. 

Of course, we have to wait until we sell ours before we get serious about looking (Apparently contingency loans are frowned upon these days).  But, I sure hope it's still available when the time comes. 

Btw- I'm stressing over the timing of all of this- what happens when we sell if we haven't found one?  Will we have to rent and then move? Who is going to rent to us with our beasts, I mean sometimes well behaved dog companions? Ohh the uncertainty of everything is killing me. 

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