Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mom's Group

We have gotten pretty involved in our mom's group and I really love it!  I highly encourage mom's to find one in your area.  I've made a ton of wonderful friends, Trey is able to socialize with kids his age and they have a variety of fun activities offered daily for children of all ages: parks, zoo, beach, malls, in-home play dates, arts and crafts, holiday theme parties, mom's night out, brunches, wine tastings, pool parties, book swaps, etc.  They even have mom's only activities during the day when some of the older kids are in school.

There are some general rules to be a member; one of which is: you have to host a play date within 8 weeks of attending one.  I'll be hosting my first play date next month, with St. Patty's day themed snacks and crafts!  It's all organized online, so the host can set limits on the number of kids and age ranges.  People just RSVP to the events they want to attend.  I'm setting my limit to 6 kids, age 2-4.  That should be more than enough to keep me busy!

We went to a Picnic in the Park playdate yesterday and had the best time!  Trey and his friends played all morning while the moms and I chatted and I even did a photo shoot w/ Sir Charles!


See the teeth ready to pop through?! 

Here are a few of our Valentine's themed playdate last week:

Sweets for our sweets... I was proud that I was able to stay away from most of the sweet table, but helped myself to a couple of kisses!

Jenni and Collin making "I love you to pieces" valentines

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