Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fallin' Behind...

I have so much to post about, but haven't had time yet... Erica and Steve's wedding festivities, Brody's birthday party, Valentine's Day parties and crafts w/ my lil guys.  Maybe I'll get around to uploading all of those pics someday... But, it won't be today. 

Our "little" Charlie is already cutting teeth!  He had a low-grade fever and was in an all-day (and night) miserable mood.  He has been chewing on anything, barely eating and crying in pain...even after small doses of baby meds.  Orajel seems to soothe it for awhile, but this guy was in some serious pain today.  It hasn't been that long ago, but I had already forgot how "fun" teething was...

Oh well, at least he's still cute.

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