Friday, January 10, 2014


With family gone and hubs back at work, I have been solo with both kiddos for a full week!  And, to my surprise, it has gone unbelievebly smoothly!  Yes, I realize I have just jinxed myself...

Monday, we spent the morning playing and then went to my doctors' office for my 6 week post-op visit (where I was cleared to resume normal activity and exercise!).  They were both ANGELS.  In fact, Trey was so friendly to everyone I had several people ask if they could take him home.  He kept saying "thank you, doctor.  Doctor fix mama's big boo boo." What a sweet boy!  :)  I even took them out for lunch.  Not a single meltdown the entire day! 

We;ve been to the park, zoo and mall all without issue!  It's defintely harder juggling two, but I feel pretty good so far.  I've even got them on the same afternoon nap schedule... both have been down for 2.5 hours and counting-  house is clean, dinner prep done and now catching up on the blog.  It's amazing how much you can get done in 2 hours without kids!

So, here are some pics of the boys from the zoo today:


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