Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kid updates

The Mickey mouse fishing pole has turned out to be the best $13.00 ever spent.  Trey is obsessed!  

Our little artist...

It's been pretty chilly, and our whole family has been under the weather, so we've been house-bound and decided it was a good time to tackle potty training. 

Trey has gone pee on the potty off and on since July.  He would go every time I put him on the potty, but never initiated it himself.  And, I got lazy, so the past couple of months he's mainly used diapers... 

Yesterday, we locked ourselves in the Florida room with our potty, a space heater, plenty of books and toys (and Sophia the First).  Treyman was naked from waist down and went 12 times with no accidents!!  Today hass been similar.  He has gone straight to his potty without a prompt from me every time!  So proud! Next step, big boy underwear!! 

And, of course, who could forget this handsome fella...

Sweet, sweet baby Charlie!  He is seriously the best baby ever!!  We've been transitioning Charlie to his crib... For naps, at least!  No more bassinet/napping on mom and dad's bed!  He still likes to be swaddled and warm and cozy.  He didnt like his crib at first, but seems to be doing better this weekend.  Today has been his first long nap in the crib... Going on 3.5 hours straight!

My parents left yesterday and I only got one pic of their trip!  I'm seriously slacking... Oh well, we had a good visit and are looking forward to our trip up there this spring!

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