Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2 month checkup and park play date

It was SHOT day at Charlie's 2 month checkup.   Poor thing had no clue what was about to happen!  

Charlie's stats at 2 months are:  weight: 13 lb 14 oz (100%), length: 24.75 inches (100%) and head circumference: 15.75" (90%).  He's such a rolly Polly lil chunk!

Then we enjoyed this beautiful 70 degree day with play date with the moms group at the park!  

Trey has become so independent at the park.  He can climb the rock wall and rope ladders without me "spotting" him anymore!   

Trey loves "playing" with Lochte!  For being a bad dog, Lochte sure is good with the kids!

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