Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Catching up on Christmas Eve

We've been busy getting ready for Christmas!  Trey visited Santa twice... And, let's just say he's still not a fan...

Trey had his 2 year checkup and ortho visit, where he got his cast off!  Treys stats at 2 are: length 35" (65%), 25.5 lb (35%), head circumference 19.5" (80%)

Charlie also went to the doctor last week.  At two weeks, his stats were: 22.25" (95%), 9 lb 15 oz (85%), and 14.75" head circumference (85%).  Big boy!  He is easily filling out his 3 month clothes already.   

I know I shouldn't compare my boys, but I can't believe how different they are already.  Not only was pregnancy the complete opposite, their first few weeks have been as well.   Trey had his days and nights mixed and was up ALL night. For the first 6 or 7 weeks.  Charlie is an awesome sleeper!  And has been since birth.  He has slept through (or at least the majority) of most nights.  When he does wake at night, it's usually gas/reflux related.  There were a couple of rough nights in which I thought he might be colic-y, but now I think it was just stomach discomfort. Which beings me to another difference:  gas!  Charlie is very, very gassy.  Trey was not at all.  Charlie spits up and projectile vomits ALL day, which usually means at least 3-4 outfit changes for us a day...  We have to keep him upright/inclined all day and burp him constantly.  Charlie is a big eater (already 10 lbs, people!).  He nurses about every two hours during the day, but does go 4-5 hour stretches at night.  He is a good "dream feeder" at night, and barely even opens his eyes during night feedings.  Trey never did that!  I prefer to nurse, but am very thankfu that Charlie takes a bottle with no trouble!  Trey refused bottles for a long time, which gave me anxiety when I had to go to work!  

With the Z fam in town, we have lots of babysitters at our disposal!   Phil and I have gotten to spend a little time away from the kiddos.  We went on a double date with our friends, Erica and Steve.

And, we got awesome (free) tickets to the Beef O'Brady bowl game, where we were able to cheer on our alma mater, Ohio University!  Although we lost, it was a pretty good game... And the free food and booze was nice, too!  :)

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!  Merry Christmas!!

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