Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hello, Charlie!

Phil and I welcomed baby boy #2 on Nov. 29th at 9:37am via C-Section.  Charles Paul ("Charlie") weighed in at 8 lb, 7 oz. and 21 inches long!  So far so good, everyone is healthy and doing great.  

Both sets of Grandparents and big brother, Trey, got to meet him yesterday, too.  It went surprisingly well-- lots of hugs and kisses for baby Charlie. 

And, Charlie ended the day with his first bath (which he loved).

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Woah, What a Week!

Thursday:  I had my last Dr's appt on the 21st.  We went over all the pre-op stuff, which made it a lot more real.  This baby is coming....and soon!

Friday:  Trey turned TWO on Nov 22nd!  We had fun celebrating with Phil's parents and family friends, John and Sally, who were visiting from PA.  Trey is getting so big, so fast.  As "terrible" as the two's are, or so I've heard, I have to admit that I completely love toddlerhood- even with the tantrums and mood swings.  I think it's amazing how much he has changed/learned/developed in the past couple of months.  I absolutely love doing "big kid" things with him and seeing his sweet little personality shine through!   


The 22nd also marked my last official day of work before maternity leave. Wahoo!! Little did I know, I would be back at the hospital on Monday (more on this later).

Sunday: We spent a chillly morning on the beach w/ Mom and Dad Z. Trey got to try out his new fishing rod and LOVED it (thanks, Erica & Steve). Like father, like son, I guess!

Monday:  After busy, but uneventful day of shopping, haircut, cleaning, picnic at the park, nap, etc. we had a crazy, stressful night spent at the hospital.  Treyman fell/DOVE off the "big bed" and landed awkwardly on his right arm.  After locking ourselves out the house and then having to break into our house to get keys, Phil and I rushed him to the ER.  They did some X-rays and found that not only one, but TWO, bones in his right arm were broken.  He got it splinted and sent home w/ some heavy duty pain meds.  My poor little guy!

Tuesday:  Trey was in surprisingly good spirits today.  He was even running around and trying to climb/use his arm, which, obviously, is something we were trying to avoid.  Phil, MeMa and I took Trey to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, who did more x-rays and put on this super cool blue cast.  No surgery necessary--- YAY!!  And, the cast only has to stay on for about three weeks.  Guess those little bones heal quickly!  And, thankfully, it was no where near a growth plate, so there will really be no long term damage.  All things considered, this was pretty good news.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Howdy, Partner

It doesn't seem real, but our little man is {almost} TWO!!  We had a low key "cowboy" party at our house.  Although it was a pretty small event, hosting is always a lot of work-  prepping food, cleaning, decorating, etc. and clean-up...  I am thankful I had a very helpful husband and MIL here to help get everything ready. 

Trey's party was a big success... Phil has been BBQ'ing for days and we had tons of good food and time w/ our friends.  As soon as Trey got over his inital shyness/clingy-ness, he had a great time rough housing w/ Brody and Beckett.  And, Trey (and Charlie) received a ton of nice gifts including:  clothes, Trey's first fishing rod, a turtle night light projector, and an art easel/desk.