Friday, September 27, 2013

Zoo w/ the E's and M's

When the rain finally stopped, we headed off to the zoo!  The kids loved the animals-- and, they each got to feed a giraffe! 



664... that's the number of pictures taken over the past 3.5 days when my sisters' family and my parents were in town.  We may have gone slightly overboard, but the kiddos were so cute, we just couldn't stop ourselves.  ;) 

Unfortunately, it rained for about 2.5 of those days.  But, we still managed to squeeze in some fun.  We visited the Children's Museum, library class, two parks, tackled two restraunts with three toddlers, visited the zoo (seperate post coming) and the beach (another seperate post coming)!  So, despite the crumby weather, we stayed pretty busy.  Allison, Molly and Chad spent one day over in Orlando at Disney World!  Allison was slightly under the weather, so she wasn't too full of life, but I think she still had a good time. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zoo mania!

I'm beyond glad I bought this zoo pass.  It's already paying for itself!  We've been 4 times in two weeks and today was member appreciation day, so we got free snacks/beverages, free giraffe feeding and admission an hour prior to general admission.  We also received free passes to the aquarium AND museum of science!  Score!!