Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hooray for Trey!

When did my baby get so big?  I feel like he grew 2 feet overnight!

Trey is turning into quite the big boy.  Longer phrases and short sentences are emerging daily.  He is very communicative and gets his point across very well.    

He is active, active, active.  Trey goes constantly and he goes fast.  He runs everywhere.  Climbs everywhere.  I think he's been keeping MeMa and Papa on their toes this week when they've been babysitting while I work! 

Trey's newest "trick" is going pee in the potty!!!  Talk about proud parents!  I'm not sure how we got so lucky, but he seems to be potty training very easily!  He has been very interested in the potty in recent weeks/months, so we've incoroporated potty books into his daily reading routine.  He LOVES to read books while sitting on the potty (MeMa made him a personlized one on her iPad, too).  And, he will actuallly sit there until he goes.  He has a sticker chart that is filling up quickly.  And, he even managed to go on the go, when shopping with me at the mall!  


Friday, August 23, 2013

25.5 week Bumpdate

 I've been reading past posts-- although the beginning of this pregnancy was the total opposite of my first, the past few weeks have been almost dead on.   I am running a little heavier this time around and have already hit the 20 lb mark, but other than that, things are running pretty smoothly.

My mother in law is in town and has been busy painting Trey's big boy room.   We opted for navy, with white and lime green accents to match his bedding.  Phil put in wainscoting and new closet doors which have really made the dark paint pop.   It's really starting to come together!!  We are still waiting on the green/white chevron fabric i ordered for the curtains, but should have it in a few days.   Hopefully we will have it finished in the next couple of weeks so we can transition Trey to his new room. Pics coming soon...  :)

My next doctor visit is Sept 4th-- the glucose test and official start of my 3rd trimester!  Woohoo! 

Phil and I have been really trying to prepare trey  for the upcoming addition-  he has two big brother books (which he loves and reads daily).  He loves to pat the belly, give brother kisses and point out "baby" to everyone. This weekend I'm going to buy him a doll so he can role play with his own baby.  He loved playing with the dolls at grandmom and grandad M's house!  

Finally, we also think we have a name.  After about 20 weeks arguing over Trey's name, we literally decided this time around in 20 minutes.  And, although it's not official, we are planning to name him after both of his grandfathers.   Charles Paul-  and call him Charlie.  

Well, that's this month's Bumpdate!  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend in KY... and thoughts in Buffalo.

Trey and I came up to KY for a quick trip to see BOTH of my sisters.... something that hasn't happened in 1.5 years!  Caitlin is planning her wedding for next October, so Molly and I were more than willing to help her with wedding plans... and, of course, shop for the dress! 

Trey really enjoyed seeing a TON of friends and family this weekend.  We had a big party on Friday when we got into town. 

Saturday, Grandad and Trey spent the day playing around the farm while the girls headed up to Cinci to help Cait say "yes" to the dress!  I was a little nervous about leaving him, but my dad said he did great!  He is such a happy boy.

Sunday, we visited with my Papa (Great Pa-Pa for Trey) in Frankfort, played at Aunt Molly's house and had a big family dinner at my parents.  The kids had SO much fun together!

While Trey and I did enjoy our weekend, I can't help but think about the rest of the Z family, who spent the weekend up in Buffalo celebrating the life of Phil's Great Aunt Laurie, who recently passed away.  Aunt Laurie was so warm and caring.  She had a quick, witty sense of humor and was always the life of the party.  Even well into her 80's, she had a true zest for life.  Everyone who knew her, loved her.  I know she will be greatly missed by the entire Z family.  RIP, Aunt Laurie. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Me-Ma and Mary Lee

Our first round of August visitors have arrived--  Grandma Louise (Me-Ma, as Trey has named her) and her friend, Mary Lee came into town on Friday.

This morning, Phil had an open water swim at the beach with some of his tri-athlete buddies from the YMCA.  Trey and I met up with Me-Ma and Mary Lee for some beach time during daddy's swim workout. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Allergy Testing

This summer, trey has had  frequent rashes on his face.   As I've written about in the past, we were fairly certain he has some sort of a milk intolerance/allergy.  We switched to almond milk, which I use when baking/cooking, and try to avoid ice creams, yogurts and most cheeses.  

He was doing fine with that method until summer, so I thought maybe something else was triggering his rash.  Sunscreen?  Chlorine?  Heat? Food?  I didn't know why it was suddenly worse.

We tried a variety of over the counter creams.  Most temporarily improved it, but, almost certainly the rash reappeared in a day or two.

I took him to the doctor, who diagnosed him with eczema and gave him a cream and some hydrocortisone.  He also decided to proceed with allergy testing.  

Well, today we got the results...

Trey had three "major" allergies.  1. Milk (duh) 2. Dust and 3. Dog dander.

I was told to avoid all dairy.  Dust daily.  Switch our dogs to a hypoallergenic shampoo and wash them every 5-7 days and to try a limit direct exposure to the dogs. Use the eczema cream 3x daily (even when the rash is not present) and hydrocortisone cream for breakouts.  

Of course I will do my best to follow doctors' orders, but these are certainly not the results I was hoping for. 

Finding low dairy alternatives has been a royal pain in my ass.  Excuse the French. Everything has milk in it. Ok, not everything, but a lot.  

Bathe Lochte every 5-7 days?!  Really?  He takes 5-7 days to fully DRY after a bath. Did I mention that he hates them?? At least phelps will be easy.

Limit exposure to the dogs aka trey's BFFs and cuddle buddies?  I can try, but doubtful.  

Dust daily.   This is always my goal, but, lets be real-  it usually happens 3-4 x a week... On a good week.

Oh boy.  Here we go...