Monday, November 26, 2012

12 month update

Congratulations!  You've suffered  made it through 40 weeks worth of pregnancy posts and 11 monthly developmental updates on our little Treybird.  This marks the 12th and final monthly update!  Hooray!

Our sweet, little baby is now a TODDLER! 

STATS:  We had our 1 year check-up today (with 4 more shots, tear).  Trey currently weighs 19 lbs, 6 oz. (30%)  and is 30 inches tall (also 30th percentile).  This is a big improvement from his 9 month visit when he the doctor was starting to worry about his weight.  At 6 months Trey was: 72.5 cm. long (100+%), and weighed 17 lb. 3 oz. (50%). At 9 months he was the exact same length ( which dropped to the 40th percentile), and 17 lb. 6 oz (10th percentile).  Although he is still kinda skinny, he is more proprotional to his height than last visit. 

Trey's poor little head is still measuring at 17 inches, which places him in the 2nd percentile!  Yikes. The doctor said it is nothing to worry about.

EATING:  No matter what you give him, Trey wants whatever is on your plate.  He has become very adamant about only eating "big people food."  When he likes what he's eating, he shovels it in.  FAST.  His cheeks look like a big chipmunk.  When he opens his mouth to stuff more in, some of the food falls out because there's no more room in there.  It's hilarious.  (I'm an SLP, and my primary job is to work with people who have difficulty swallowing.... my co-workers would be so ashamed! ha.). 

We weaned him off breastfeeding/breast milk at the end of October and switched to a soy formula (due to his possible milk allergy).  Now we are starting to wean onto regular soy milk!  Score!  That formula is expensive!  I'm so glad I was able to breastfeed for 11 months!  

The doctor's office doesn't do allergy testing until 2 years because it is highly unreliable with babies.  But,we did get referred to a pediatric allergy specialist.  Our doctor wants us to wait and monitor for a few more months, to make the results more accurate when we do get tested.  So, until then we are doing trials of lots of food with milk and keeping a running list of things that cause a "bad reaction." 

SCHEDULE:  Heck if I know anymore!  Seems like he's changing it on me every day.  Some days he takes 2 naps, other times 3.  Sometimes he naps for 1-2 hrs and other times 15-30 minutes.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason with that these days.  He does still sleep through the night from 7 to 7.  He even had a couple of nights where he went 6-8!  That's 14 hrs, folks! 

Eating schedule is about the same--  breakfast around 8, lunch around 11, snack around 2:30 and dinner around 5 and gets a 6 oz. bottle at 7, 10, 1, 4, and 7 pm. 

PLAY:  He has been enjoying all of his new birthday toys (thanks, everyone!).  He cruises, climbs, stands, and has started taking a few steps independently, although he lacks a lot of confidence and would much rather hold on to your hand. 

Trey has been a toddler for like, a minute, and he has already had his first toddler tantrum.  WTH?  I thought I had at least another couple of months before all of that started!  I'm talking threw himself on the ground and flailed like a fish.  It was truly pathetic and I tried hard not to laugh. 

SPEECH/LANGUAGE:  I'd say Trey has around 10 words that he consistently uses:  Mama, Dada, Grandma, Mo (More), Hhhhaaat (Hot), Hi, Bye, Mum-Mum (cracker/snack), Bah (Ball), and Nice (for Lochte-- we always say, "Niiiice, Lochte.  Gentle" and I guess that's what Trey has picked up on).   He also signs a few things.  He gets very frustrated when he is not understood, although, for someone who can't talk, he certainly finds a way to get his point across.  :)

I'm kinda sad to see the "baby" days behind us, but am really looking forward to the next 2 years.  Developmentally, these are my favorite years.  I just love how much they change and learn from 1-3.  Can't wait to see more of his personality!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Day!

Thursday was Thanksgiving (duh).  But it was also our little turkey's FIRST birthday! 

Trey had a great day and really caught on quickly to the whole stuffing ourselves sick thing.  He was quite a fan of Grandma Louise's turkey dinner!

Turkey Trey

And, I have to admit, it was much better than the hospital jello I was enjoying this time last year...

Fun to be ONE!

Saturday was Trey's 1st birthday party at the park!  We did a "Sesame Street" theme with an Elmo smash cake... and, yes, that was planned well before all of the Elmo-underage sexual relationships-drama.  So much for clean family fun.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I knew this day was coming...

Well, it's happened folks.  I've run out of free data storage and google won't let me download any more pictures to my blog.  Apparently the internet thinks I post too many pictures.  Go figure.

Please help me computer savvy friends ASAP, I have lots of fun things to post about!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A day in the life...

... of our busy boy!
Walking... his new favorite thing

Stopped to wave to the doggies


Teething-- 4 more are ready to pop through!

Pulling on Lochte... what a good dog.

Well, that's it for awhile.  I probably won't be blogging again until after Trey's birthday/Thanksgiving festivities.  I'll be busy with preparations and finishing up a few Pinterest-inspired home projects with my MIL.  See ya sometime next week!

1st Haircut

Trey met a couple of milestones this week.  He took his first couple of independent steps, got his very first haircut (tear), and ate his first lollipop (while mom supervised, of course)... okay, so the last one isn't really a milestone, but it was his first!

How do I look in my ride?

Look mom, I'm driving!

What's going on?  I'm not sure I like this!
What is she doing to me?!

That wasn't that bad.  And, don't I look handsome with my big boy haircut?

Wait... do I get one of these "lollipops" after every haircut?  Hmm... maybe it's not so bad afterall!

Birthday Boatin'

We went fishin' on the Skiff for Phil's 29th birthday (11/11).  Trey liked it for the most part, but was still not a fan of the life vest. 

Look at that hair...  so long!  Time for his first haircut (11/12).

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Woot Woot

This is the last of the GRUISE posts-- I swear! 

Joey clipped together parts of our video footage and made it into a movie trailer.  It's absolutely hilarious!

And, just for the record-- the dance clip of me at the beginning was making fun of BEN'S dancing.  We call it the "praying mantis."  I'm not a great dancer, but I am a slightly better than that.  :) 

Gruise: Day 5

Our last day at sea, making our way back to Tampa.  This was our big day of gluttony (as if we didn't have enough food the rest of the trip...).  I think I had 4 ice cream cones!  Oopps.

Not too many pics from this day-  BINGO, the Newlywed game (HILARIOUS), more pool time, shopping, sushi, comedy show, dancing show, and dinner.  We actually turned in pretty early- vacation really wears you out! 

The last two pics are from our dinner-- joey set the camera to go off every couple of minutes... there are some really funny ones!