Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lochte Lovin'

Puppy Lochte love. 

My two big boys really are too cute together.  Phelps is occassionally cute with them, but it's too rare and too difficult to ever catch on camera.  Now that Trey is pretty mobile, she mostly watches him from a distance.  When he was an infant, you could not keep her away from him-- checking on him 24/7... now, not so much... now, it's Lochte who is all about Trey. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

10 Month Updates

Tomorrow our little guy will officially be 10 months old!  How is that possible?

Stats:  After getting slightly stressed about his weight/growth, I finally got over the stats.  Trey is healthy, eating and growing at his own pace.  He's wearing 12-18 month clothes almost exclusively, although has a few 9-12 month things that still fit.  Our nanny, Carolyn, saw him the other day for the first time in 2 weeks and said, "wow, he's really filling in!"  I'll take that as a good sign as far as his weight goes!

Eating:  In an effort to increase his caloric intake, I've been trying to feed Trey solids 4x/day and gets his milk 5x/day.  I've been trying to incorporate more protein and healthy fatty foods into his diet, too.

He is STILL toothless, but is starting to eat more regular solids--  banana, mango, peaches, avocado, bread, cereal, potato, cooked veggies, etc.  He sits and waits to be fed like a little bird.  He can't figure out how to bring his hands to his mouth.  He will grab a handful of food and just sit there with his mouth open waiting for you to drop something in.  Ha.  He'll get it one of these days...

Schedule:   Trey wakes up around 6:30, gets milk at 7 and plays til nap #1, usually around 8:30.  After nap, he gets breakfast solids then milk at 10, plays, and takes nap #2 around 12.  He wakes up, eats lunch solids, followed by milk, then plays some more until nap #3 around 3.  He gets a light snack when he wakes up, followed by milk at 4, dinner solids at 5:30, bath at 6:30, milk at 7 and is in bed between 7-7:30...  tough life this guy has, huh?

Sleep: Trey is still sleeping around 11 hours at night, and takes 3 short naps during the day.  My mom recently purchased a white noise machine for his nursery and I really think that has helped him sleep a little longer, especially with his nap times.  He (unfortunately) is like me:  a very light sleeper.  He will often wake up in the middle of the night if someone goes to the bathroom or opens a creaky door.... he's goes right back to sleep, but I'd rather not wake him up at all.  This machine appears to have minimized these sleep disturbances! 

Play:  What a fun developmental month this has been.  He is going from crawling to sitting and sitting to standing.  He pulls himself up and has started "cruising" very short distances (his legs are still super wobbly).    He is going up and down stairs like a champ.  He is clapping, waving hello/goodbye and (sometimes) gives high-fives.
He loves exploring in everything that he is not supposed to be in:  kitchen, bathroom, mommy and daddy's closet, the garage.  He is very interested in opening/closing doors and turning lights on/off and looking in the mirror.  His favorite "toy" is the vacuum cleaner.  He loves to chase it!
He also LOVES the dogs.  Lochte might be the best dog ever.  Trey climbs on him constantly-- pulling on his fur, climbing on his back, smacking him in the face/nose.  Poor dog.  All Lochte does is lay down and wag his tail.... what a good boy!  Phelps, on the other hand, is only interested in him now when he is eating.  She is always close by his highchair to help clean up any meal time messes!


Speech/Language: Trey is saying "mama" to me, but usually only when he is upset.  He is also starting to use some basic baby sign... well, mainly just "more" but it's a start!   I need to brush up on some more signs-- I've only been practicing about 10 of them with him so far, and most of the time he isn't even paying attention to it anyways.  :)

I'm starting to plan his first birthday party.   Again, how is that possible?!
Just for fun, here is a really cute "parent rap." It made me laugh.  We are fairly new to this parenthood thing, but I know that this is our future...

Parents rap about maintaining their household by videosonlytube

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend with the M's

Grandmom and Grandad M were in town this weekend, and, as always, it was great to have some QT with my parents! 

It was a fairly low key weekend with some nice meals out, swimming, shopping, football games and lots of playtime with Treyman. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Seems like yesterday I was sitting in my freshman dorm room at OU with my roommate, Amanda, watching coverage of the 9-11-01 terrorist attack after early morning swim practice. 
Like many, I am remembering the victim's and families today... Thank you to those who risk their lives to keep us safe and protect our freedom.
Days like today make you especially thankful for what you have.  And, what I have is pretty great... 

Trying out different manual modes... try 1

try 2... too light.

try 3.  My favorite!

Hmm, what book should I read?   

This one looks good. 

What the heck?  Where are the pictures?  You call this a book?!

Someone's gonna need a haircut pretty soon.  Can't believe how long (and BLOND) it is! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Busy Labor Day weekend

We had an eventful labor day weekend:  garage sale, pool BBQ with friends (lots of pics to come in separate post), park play dates, and... a trip to the ER for Phil for a minor head injury.

Monday night, Phil was wrapping up some yard work tasks and ended up busting his head open on the edge of the mailbox.   I made him go to the hospital, and he ended up getting 2 staples in his head!  Ouch. 

Thankfully, it was mostly superficial and no permanent damage was done.... no more than usual, anyways.  ;)

And, of course, what's a post these days without a billion Trey pics?   Here are some favs from the weekend. 

Oh yeah, he's pulling himself up now.  And going from crawl to sit... and sit to stand.... and keeping me very, very busy.  ;)