Monday, August 27, 2012


There has been a lot of hurricane talk going on here in Tampa the past couple of days, and I'm not talkin' about the drink.   I'm talkin' Isaac.

The major downside to the tropical paradise in which we live is that more than half of the year is considered HURRICANE season.   In the past 5.5 years of FL living, we've had our share of tropical storms but have yet to live through an actual hurricane (knock on wood). 

Everyone (with the exception of Phil, who was in complete denial that a hurricane could possibly come during the busiest hotel week of the year...aka the RNC)  thought that Isaac was the "real deal." Many "experts" predicted it to come straight for us.   Emergency plans were in place.  Hurricane kits full of water and red wine, window shutters, and flashlights filled homes.... The RNC even cancelled all of today's events.  Sorry about that, Mitt. 

Thankfully for us, and unfortunately for New Orleans, Isaac decided to change routes and head to Louisiana instead.  We are currently stuck with a bunch of rain and wind. and some minor flooding, but it's not been too terrible.  My mom was even able to fly out of the airport this morning and made it home safe and sound. 

At times like this, I actually miss living in the midwest.  Ahhh.... 

Btw-  sorry for the lack of updates... I doubt I will be able to update again for a week or so...  between two dogs, a sick baby, full time work this week, and a husband who is practically living at the hotel for RNC,  my time (and energy) is very limited. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

9 month updates

Trey, Grandmom M and I headed back to Tampa on Monday.  The flight home was much smoother with an extra set of hands.  However, Grandmom was not the only thing we brought back to Tampa with us....  Trey caught his first cold.  Runny nose, coughing, sneezing, (slight) fever... the whole shebang.  Boo!!  

He started feeling bad on Monday and we actually had his 9 month appointment scheduled for Tuesday.  I'm thankful we were able to get him in quickly, as we found out he actually has his first ear infection, also!  Poor little guy!

Looks like Grandmom will have lots of sick snuggle time with little man the next few days while I'm working! 

Anyways, onto Trey's monthly update:

Stats:  I find myself constantly eating my words... I thought we had a giant at our last visit because he had grown so significantly grown in height and weight from his 3 to 6 month Dr. appts.  Yesterday, we had his 9 month visit and found out that he has done very little growing since then. 

He has dropped to the 10th percentile for weight and head circumference and is hanging around the 40th percentile for height.  The doctor is going to monitor the weight drop for the next couple of months, but if he hasn't gained more weight by his 1 year visit, we may have to start supplementing his diet to fatten him up.  At 6 months he was:  72.5 cm. long (100+%), and weighed 17 lb. 3 oz. (50%).  At 9 months he is:  the exact same length, and 3 oz. heavier (17 lb. 6 oz). 

Eating:  I thought he was doing really well, but aapparently he's not eating enough!  We hope to make some progress in this department over the next couple of months. 

Schedule:  We're back to 3 nap schedule.  It is what works best for him  (and me).  Three meals a day.  Milk 5 times a day.  1 bath.  1 walk.  and LOTS of playtime mixed in. 

Sleep:  Still getting 12 hours straight most nights, plus three short 30-45 minute naps during the day. 

Play:  Oh, this boy is a busy, busy bee.  He's a mover and a shaker and won't sit still for very long!   He is commando crawling EVERYWHERE.  Our house is baby proofed and Phil moved the crib down while we were in KY.  Better safe than sorry!

Trey loves playing with any/all toys, peak-a-boo, reading books, tickling, etc.  He went to the library for story time/music class and had the best time ever.  He loved looking at all of the books and watching the older kids play.  We could have stayed there all day! 

He has also learned to wave, give bear hugs and sloppy, open mouth kisses.  Sounds kinda gross, but, trust me, it is very, very sweet. 

Speech/Language:  Trey sings and babbles.  He has a lot to say these days--  just wish we could understand some of it.!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cousin Lovin'

Three kids under three + one house = pure chaos...
 ...and tons of cuteness.

Treyman loved spending time with these two... even if Allison had a slightly hard time sharing her toys (as most 2 year olds do)!   Already looking forward to our next visit this fall.  :) 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Great Grands

Trey and Abby spent the morning in Frankfort visiting their Great-Grandfather Farris and great-Grandma Gardner.  That is #10 and 11 of my Papa's (living) great grandchildren... #12 is on the way (another boy is due in October!). 

Trey loved his Great-Papa.  And, I think he loved Trey, too.  :) 

Back to the Bluegrass

Trey and I made a quick trip to the bluegrass to see my side of the fam and meet my newest niece/Trey's younger cousin, Miss Abby. 

I really have a new appreciation for people that travel with children... and especially those traveling ALONE with children.  It is STRESSFUL.  And, I have a good baby.  I can't imagine doing all of that with a bad, fussy baby. 

Trey was an angel for the 1.5 HOURS that we waited for our boarding pass... and then the next half and hour wait through security...  However, he was not such and angel for the 45 minutes we spent sitting IN the plane (with no a/c) before take-off because: 1.  he woke up early to catch the flight  2.  he missed his morning nap (thanks to some very, very long lines) and 3. he was super hungry (I was trying to wait to feed him until take-off to help with his ear pressure).

After we sat down on the plane people were literally running away from us... more than one man got up and moved back a few rows...  oops!  Although, that ended up being such a blessing, as I ended up with a free seat next to me and a ton of extra space of Trey to move around! 

Trey ate going up and fell asleep for the entire 1.5 hr flight, so once we were going it was smooth sailing.  But, still, very stressful at times.  I'm already dreading our next flight in October...

But we made it safely.  I guess that's all that matters.  Here are a few shots of the first day....


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brooklyn's Spidey Party

Can't believe this gorgeous little chunk turned 3 at the end of July!  Seems like yesterday we were throwing Leanne a fabulous PINK baby shower! 

Here are a few shots of Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday party (with surprise guest appearance from Spiderman himself)!

Tapas and Trampolines

A few weeks back we went out for quadruple date night...  it is pretty rare when all EIGHT of us:  1. have the same night off work, as none of us have M-F 9-5 type jobs... and 2.  have sitters for the kiddos (thanks, Mom and Dad Z).  

How did we spend our quadruple night out?  Trampolines and tapas!  We spent the afternoon jumping and flipping like we were 10 again... however, the next day we definitely did not FEEL like we were 10 again.... holy chiropractor!  ;)   After the longest hour of my life, we re-fueled with some super yummy tapas, sangria, and fro-mo (frozen yogurt). 

Phil was down for the count....  5 minutes in... :)

It's been awhile but I was still able to flip like a champ.

Reinacting our intense dodgeball game...

Gun show...

Belly flops

Synchronized jumping routine... the next Olympic sport.

The gang... 

My Florida "girls"  (minus Kerri and Leanne)