Thursday, June 28, 2012

Teething Bites

All I have to say about teething is:  it bites.

Trey has about 3 different teeth trying to break through all at once.  No bueno.

There will be no pictures in today's post because all you would see are tears and cranky faces.  That's all I've seen in the past several days-- and let me tell you, they have been LOOONG days.  I'm so not used to that from our (normally) very happy and chill baby.

Hopefully, those teeth will be in and this cranky phase will soon pass.  If not, Trey is going to see a lot more of my tears and cranky faces. 

I tried freezing teethers and have done a little baby orajel at night.  And, of course, he's been loving on Sophie the Giraffe.  Any other suggestions?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Debby Downer

Tropical Storm Debby = Flooding in Tampa. 

Seriously.  Flooding.  I love living on the water, but I guess that's why we pay an arm and a leg for flood insurance.  Here are some views from our backyard...

Our neighbors dock is almost completely under.  The water is up to his table.

Phil standing on our retaining wall....  which is usually several feet above the water level.

Our neighbor's dock is going under...

This is generally a hill... our gate is about 5 or 6 feet from the retaining wall...


Our dock is going under.

And some views from the roadways:

Covered in standing water.

Screw you DEBBY!  You reuined our plans for a pool party and beach day, you kept us cooped up inside ALL weekend with a teething baby and two dogs that desperately miss their walks... and going to the bathroom for that matter.   And, it looks like you will be hanging around for the next couple of days... 

Friday, June 22, 2012

7 month updates

This past month was by far my favorite month to date.  Trey is at such a fun age I just love spending my days with him!  Please forgive my long post-- I have been using much of this blog as Trey's virtual baby book so I can look back and remember things he is doing at each stage of development when I go to do his actual baby book (which I have yet to start)...

Stats: At Trey's 6 month doctor visit, he was 72.5 cm. long (100+%), and weighed 17 lb. 3 oz. (50%).  We won't have another official stat update until his 9 month visit in August, so my guesstimate will have to do-- I'm guessing he is right around 18 lb.  He is still pretty long and lean in his torso, but he's got some major double chin, thunder-thighs and cottage cheese butt going on. 

Schedule:   I'm happy that Trey is adjusting his nap times and starting to go for longer stretches.  Instead of three short ones, he is taking two longer naps.  It makes my life much easier.  Generally, he wakes up 7ish, goes down for a 1.5- 2 hour nap around 8:30 and another 1.5-2 hr nap around  12:30 or 1.  He has kinda cut out the 3rd nap in late afternoon, but if he is tired or fussy I try to lay him down for a quick nap before he eats dinner at 5:30.  He gets a bath after our walk @ 6, eats and then goes to bed around 7:30.

Sleep:  As stated above, our guys is a really, really good sleeper.  I think that's why he is so happy all of the time!
Eating:   There is nothing that this boy won't eat.  I'm still making my own baby food and am trying to expose him to as many different types of (healthy) food as I can.  He eats solids twice a day and nurses in between.   I'd really like to continue nursing for the first year, if possible.  Thanks to not working the past couple weeks, I've been able to build up my milk supply and re-stock my freezer.

So far, he loves eating everything but still prefers veggies over fruit.  Sometimes I just give him something green for breakfast because he isn't really a fan of the oatmeal/cereal and fruit (although he still does eat it, he doesn't get super excited about it...meaning he tends to play more and eat less).

With the start of solids, Trey has had a few constipation issues.  We've added water and a small amt of prune juice to his daily diet, which appears to help-- although he still doesn't go as regularly as I think he should.  The doctor said as long as he doesn't appear to be in pain, it's okay.  We had to give him Milk of Mag. once after 10 days of constipation.  He didn't go until day 12 and he was in so much pain it was heartbreaking. 

Play:  He is becoming so active.  He is super close to crawling.  In fact, if he doesn't start in the next couple of weeks I will be completely shocked.  Trey sits and plays on his own, jumps in the jumper, and stands at a table or toy with minimal assistance.  He loves petting the dogs and feeding the ducks out back.  And, of course, swimming is still a favorite.    
Speech and Language:   As an SLP, I am very interested in watching the differnt phases of speech and language development. 

Trey is right on track and has become very, very vocal in the past couple of weeks.  I sometimes wake up to him singing or squealing in his crib.   And his sweet little laugh is music to my ears.  :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Captain Adorable

Hello, my name is Trey.

My shirt calls me "Captain Adorable." 

But I prefer to be called "hunk" or "stud-muffin."

Can't you see my bulging biceps?

Mom says the shirt is right on-- I am Captain Adorable. 
She is always telling me how adorably handsome I am. 
Even when I just wake up.
Here I am with my best friends, I mean fur-siblings, Lochte and Phelps.

They are pretty adorable, too. 
 Guess it runs in the family.  :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day to all the great dad's out there, especially my own, my FIL and my hubs, who celebrated his first father's day today!  I am beyond thankful to have them all in my life.  They are such good dads and wonderful role models for our son. 

We celebrated today with some of our good friends, BBQ style.  Brody went for his first fishing trip with the boys while Beckett and Trey played with the ladies... and Joey.

Trey and I went to the zoo Friday with Kelly, Brody and Beckett and I didn't bring my camera!  Gasp.  Can you believe it? 

It felt kinda nice not to lug that thing around all day, but I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of Trey sportin' his "A is for Alligators" onsie. 

We went to the zoo a couple of months ago when Trey was way too little to notice any of the animals... in fact he slept almost the entire two hour trip.  But this time, it was so fun to watch him because he was really starting to notice all of the animals.  He sat in his big boy stroller (not the carseat) so he was facing out and could watch everything... and he loved it. 

The only thing he didn't care for was the group of YMCA day campers that tore through the bear exhibit like a bunch of wild hyenas.  Trey was sure to express his frustration with the excessive noise.... and, for a second, I wanted to scream at them, too.

Overall, he was very happy with his second zoo experience.  But, his biggest thrill of the day was NOT the animals, but the CAROUSEL...  He squealed and laughed the whole time.  Here is one shot of him riding it from Kelly's camera:


You can't see the excitement on his face, but trust me, it was pretty stinkin' cute.  I learned that the carousel is a must.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beach Boys

I seriously love these little boys. 

Going to the beach with 3 little ones is a lot of fun, but defintely not easy.  Thankfully, I am friends with supermom aka Kelly Waltz.  She managed to pack up and get a wagon, beach bag, towels, a large umbrella, two chairs, a kooler, toys/shovels, an inflatable pool and two very active little ones down to the beach on her own.   I just showed up with Trey and camp was already set up. 

Boys and their toys...

I've been off work all week and it has been heavenly!  My little guy is becoming so active and so interested in EVERYTHING.  He will find whatever is laying around and play with it and has been comando crawling all over the place.  I have set up a "play station" in our Florida room where I've basically dumped a ton of his toys and stuffed animals onto a blanket.  It keeps him entertained in one place for now, but I have a feeling life is about to get much more exciting.  :)

We are headed off to the beach this morning and have a zoo play date with Beckett and Brody tomorrow!

In other news, I have accepted a new PRN position at another rehab facility-- it is closer to my house and pays slightly more an hr! Yay! Since I am a private contractor, I didn't have to quit my other job... I can work at both facilities whenever I am needed. I still plan on keeping to my 20 hour/week average... but this just gives me a little more flexibility to work the hours and days that I want...

Friday, June 8, 2012


Funny to see how much he has grown and changed in just a few short months... I believe this last video was taken late March/early April... 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saddlebrook Resort

I love having a husband in the hospitality business.  We get all kinds of perks and hotel hookups.  This weekend was just another example of this...

  Our friend, Eric (GM of the Sandpearl), was given a sweet suite at a big golf resort in N Tampa for being sponsor at the Outback Bowl.  He invited Phil, Trey and I to join them at the resort for the day.  We saw some fun wildlife and enjoyed a little pool time with Eric, Kelly, Brody and Beckett.

I've been in FL for 5 years, but I'll never get used to seeing these just a few feet away....

swimmin' away...