Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kirsten Health Update

Kirsten has somewhat stabilized medically.  Doctors have lifted the medication and she is becoming more alert. 

At this point, she does not recognize any of her friends/family. She is confused, combative and is being restrained so she does not cause further damage to herself.

Her language is very aphasic (although I have not yet been told what type-- and there are several different types of aphasia).   The severity is unknown, but apparently it is getting worse (likely due to the swelling in her brain). 

Since the left side of her brain was impaired, they are monitoring the function of the right side of her body to look for weakness or paralysis.

The plan of care is to wait 72 hrs since the incident and then take new scans to see if the bleed has spread, or stabalized.  If it has spread, they will likely proceed with a shunt placement to drain the blood. 

Kirsten's dad, Steve, is with her in Denever.  Her sister, Megan, is driving back from HHI today and will be picking up her mom from Lexington and driving to Indy.  They will be leaving from Indy first thing tomorrow AM. 

Continued prayers are much appreciated. 


  1. Thank you so much Phil & Becky for the updates. Kirsten is so loved and there is a huge gang of us from home that now live now live all over the country that are praying for Kir & the Allens and keeping track of her progress. She is our "mother hen" and truly the nucleus to our group. She is such a strong lady and we cannot wait until she is up and running again.

    With lots of love, prayers, and concern -
    Maggie Davis

    1. Do you know the name of the hospital in Denver? Brenna and I would like to start a card campaign.

      Dee Campbell

    2. Yes, she is at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, CO