Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goodbye, K-Y

Trey is quite the jet setter.  He survived his first round-trip flight to KY, and has his first flight to Buffalo, NY in less than a month!  Although I am pretty laid back, I will be the first to admit that before/during his first flight my anxiety was through the roof. 

I'm not sure why, but I kept picturing 2 hours of me trying to restrain a screaming, squirming baby in my lap while other passangers were heckling me or throwing things at us.  Thankfully, it was quite the opposite experience.  Trey was just about as good as a (teething) 5 month old could be on a plane.  I'm sure everyone around me appreciated that, too. 

Phil flew up with us, but had to head back to Tampa early to go to work.  So, flying back (alone) was much more stressful for me.  Its a 2+ person job manuevering through the airport and security with your stuff, a lil one and ALL of their accessories (carrier, car seat base, bag, diaper bag, boppy, etc).  Thankfully I ran into some nice strangers, who obviously had/have kids of their own, who were more than willing to help me survive and get to my gate with plenty of time to relax.   

Anyways, here are the last of the KY photos at Grandma and Grandpa M's. 

teething bites...

My teef hurt

We had a great week, but I am certainly glad to be back in FL with Phil and the dogs... There's no place like home.  :)

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