Monday, April 30, 2012

Popping the Question

I'm by no means a hopeless romantic, but every girl loves a good engagement story.  My friend, Rainna, just got engaged two weeks ago to the sweetest guy, Lance.  Their story is just so sweet I just had to share.

He first found a treasure chest...

 ...and filled it with scrapbook pages, pictures, movie stubs, and memorabilia from their first dates/trips, etc. 

They took a walk on the beach after dinner and found it...

... as they looked through it, he told her that she was his biggest "treasure" and then popped the question.

She said, "yes." 

Then they walked back to their house on the beach to a house full of friends/family that were there for a surprise engagement party. 

He even hired a photographer who was hiding in the sand dunes and was able to capture the big event.  Does this guy get an A+ for romance or what? 

They are such a sweet couple and I'm so excited for them!  Congrats, Rainna and Lance!

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